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Child Legs In Yellow Muddy Rubber Boot about to walk into house
Wood Floors & : Mud Impacts & Solutions Clean, fresh, gleaming wood floors go a long way toward elevating your home. But as many homeowners know, keeping wood floors in pristine condition can be challenging—especially when mud is involved.  Whether you’re coming in from a drizzly day or your little ones have just finished playing...
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Hallway Interior With Hardwood Floor. View Of Wooden Stairs.
Is It Easy to Transition Hardwood Flooring From Room To Room? If you are planning to install hardwood flooring in your Minnesota home, you may face the challenge of transitioning hardwood floors from one room to another. This is especially true when a floor level or direction changes. The goal of transitioning hardwood floors is...
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White Worker Spraying Pesticide on Wood flooring In kitchen
How To Keep Your Minnesota Wood Floors Pest Free Having a beautiful hardwood floor spread across the main rooms of your Minnesota home can be wonderful for aesthetic pride, but it comes with dangers. Like all wood furnishings and fittings, hardwood is no stranger to rot, mold, and of course, larger natural invaders such as...
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Living Room with hardwood floors
Are Hardwood Floors Hard To Maintain?  How do I keep my wood floors looking good? Like many aspects of homeownership, parts of it are hard (pun intended) but worth it. Read on for some basic tips to keeping your hardwood floor in great shape. If you are a new homeowner in the Minnesota area or...
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Hardwood Stairs in a home entry way with green walls looking into the kitchen
Are you thinking about changing the flooring in part of your home? If the flooring happens to meet with a stairway, you are probably wondering what to do about it.  Do you leave it as is? Doubtful. Why not give your stairs a facelift, too? Stairs, hardwood, or carpeted can be tricky when deciding on...
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Basketball On A Maple Hardwood Court Floor
One of the most important things to consider when choosing which type of wood flooring is best for your home is the durability of the wood. This is especially true when you have pets and children. While the hardness of the wood isn’t the only factor in your floor’s durability, it is definitely part of...
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