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Buff & Coat

Refresh Your Floors

If your floor is lacking the sheen it once had, our experienced technicians can provide a quick and painless buff and coat. Priced at only a dollar a foot, let us help your hardwood floors regain their luster. 

Our Process

When you reach out, we will send over one of our estimators to ensure the floor is in proper condition for a buff and coat and then provide a cost estimate. Generally, we are open Monday through Friday to complete buff and coat services. This process generally takes less than one day to complete as our recoaters are highly skilled in the application of all types of floor finishes. A buff and coat is best for ridding scuff marks and dullness. If there are deeper scratches and gouges, you may want to consider our sand and finish service. Our recoaters are not subcontractors, nor are they paid on commission. For this reason, we can assure a buff and coat process that is handled in a timely and professional manner.

Protect Your Floors

Although we love visiting our customers every few years for a buff and finish, we do have a maintenance page full of pro-tips and recommendations to help retain your floors fine quality. Keep in mind, your floors will always require a professional buff and coat for ultimate protection. These tips will just help you keep your floors in prime condition for much longer.

Ready to Renew Your Flooring?

Dave passed down his passion for beautiful hardwood floors to all of us. Throughout the Twin Cities areas, we have had the honor of restoring your floors to help maintain their exquisite qualities for 40+ years. We ensure honest and open communication throughout this whole process, so contact us today and let’s get started!

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