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Sunlight Enters Through A Window And Cast Square Shadows Against The Wooden Floor.

Will My Hardwood Floors Fade?

When installing hardwood flooring in your Minnesota home, you may think of them as something that will look the same forever. After all, professionally installed hardwood floors are the most...
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Dog Cuddling Stuffed Toy Bunny On Floor 2022 08 01 04 23 00 Utc

How To Get Rid of Cat or Dog Urine Smell From Hardwood Floors

When you own a pet, you know that you may have to clean up accidents. Whether you’re training a new puppy, you have an elderly dog that may have incontinence...
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Tired Young Woman Cleaning Wood Floor With Mop

How Humidity Affects Hardwood Floors

Humidity Can Affect Your Wood Floors Humidity affects hardwood floors. During Minnestoa’s warm and humid summers, hardwood floors absorb moisture from the air, expanding and swelling as the water density...
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The Surface Of Old Wood floor

Time To Replace Your Wood Floors?

When Is It Time to Replace Hardwood Flooring? If your hardwood floors are starting to look a little rough in your Minnesota home, you might question whether refinishing hardwood floors...
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Laminate Parquete Floor With Beige Soft Carpet

Are Hardwood Floors Cleaner Than Carpet?

Hardwood vs. Carpet: Which is easier to maintain in Minnesota? It is hard to make home decor decisions, especially if you are a new homeowner. Flooring is one of the...
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Close Up Of A Beagle Dog Standing

I Have Pets. Should I Have Hardwood Floors?

Pet owners are often wary about installing hardwood flooring in Minnesota because they fear their pets’ nails will harm the new floors. Although there is always a risk of scratching...
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Young Man Cleaning Floors At Home

What Is The Difference Between Hardwood and Laminate?

Hardwood Or Laminate Which is the Best? Choosing a new flooring type can be intimidating for a variety of reasons. Not only are you worried about how it will look...
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White Worker Spraying Pesticide on Wood flooring In kitchen

Protect Hardwood Floors From Pests In Minnesota

How To Keep Your Minnesota Wood Floors Pest Free Having a beautiful hardwood floor spread across the main rooms of your Minnesota home can be wonderful for aesthetic pride, but...
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A Male Worker Puts Laminate Flooring On The Floor.

Getting Started On Your Hardwood Floor Project

Looking to upgrade your home with hardwood flooring? It’s a no-brainer that these days many homeowners are choosing hardwood flooring over their existing carpet or wish to revamp their current...
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