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Should I Leave My House While My Floors Are Getting Replaced?

When it comes to updating your home’s floors, it’s not just about choosing the right materials or the perfect color; you also have to decide whether you’ll need to pack up and leave your house while the work is being done. Keep reading for quick tips on how to manage staying at your home while your floors are getting replaced, and how to prepare if you decide to move out temporarily.

Evaluate the Scale of Your Flooring Project

First things first, you need to establish the size and scope of your flooring project. The extent of your flooring project plays a big role in whether you can hang around at home while the work happens. Feel free to ask the contractor or flooring company you’re working with for more information on your project’s timeline and scale. 

Touch-ups and Small Fixes

If your floor needs small fixes or a partial replacement in one corner of the room, you can likely stay home without much fuss. Simple projects like these tend to be quickly completed and won’t turn your home into a full-scale construction zone.

Full-Scale Renovations

If you need to rip out old floors and install new ones throughout multiple rooms or the whole house, you’ll have to decide whether to leave or stay at your home throughout your project. Whole-home floor replacements can take days or even weeks, and your daily routine may be disrupted.

What to Think About Before Deciding to Stay or Go

Here are some major factors to consider that might affect your decision to stay in your home during the renovation:

How Long It Will Take

Short projects might be a minor inconvenience, but for anything that takes longer than a few days, the disruption might be too much for you and your family to handle while living in the space.

Health and Safety

Floor renovations can lift dust and involve harsh chemicals or adhesives that give off strong odors. This can be a concern, especially if someone in your home has allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

Living Conditions During Renovation

Think about the space you’ll have available. You might feel cramped and uncomfortable If the renovation confines you to just a room or two,

Safety of the Space

Keep in mind that any major home renovation can be hazardous. Exposed nails, tools, and unfinished work can pose serious risks, especially for kids and pets.

Tips for Managing a Stay-at-Home Floor Renovation

Choosing to stick around? Here are some strategies to make living through a renovation a little easier:

Seal Off the Renovation Zone

Use plastic sheets to block off the renovation area to keep the rest of your house clean and dust-free.

Set Up a Temporary Living Space

If your kitchen or living room is out of commission, set up a mini version somewhere else in your house. A microwave and mini-fridge can go a long way in a bedroom or garage-turned-temporary kitchen.

Keep the Air Clean

Open windows, use fans or purchase an air purifier to help decrease the dust and fumes from your renovation.

If You Decide to Move Out Temporarily…

Sometimes, moving out is your best bet. Here’s how to make it as smooth as possible:

Find a Convenient Place to Stay

Look for a place close to home. This can be a short-term rental, a hotel, or a family member’s or friend’s home. Ideally, you want to stay close to your home so you can keep updated on the status of your flooring project.

Protect Your Belongings

Pack up valuables and cover or store your furniture to protect it from the dust and chemicals that come with a flooring overhaul.

Plan for Storage

If the project is big and your house will be filled with supplies and tools, renting a storage unit for your furniture and other large items might be a good idea.

Keep Up With Your Contractor

Whether you stay or go, keeping the lines of communication open with your contractor is key. You’ll want to know what’s happening to your floors every step of the way.

Choose Someone Reliable

Do your homework before hiring. Check reviews and ask for references to find a contractor known for staying on schedule and keeping their word.

Schedule Regular Updates

Set up times for your contractor to catch you up on the progress. This will help you adjust your plans and keep you informed of any major changes.

How To Choose the Right Contractor for the Job

Deciding whether to stay in your house during a flooring renovation depends on the project’s scope, how long it will take, and what your family needs to stay safe and comfortable. With some planning and the right precautions, you can keep living in your space, or if you choose to move out temporarily, you can do so knowing you’re well-prepared. 

Staying comfortable during a floor replacement means having a solid plan and hiring a contractor that prioritizes steady communication throughout your project. Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation delivers quality hardwood flooring services, from installation to sanding and finishing. We’re committed to answering any questions and keeping you informed about your project’s progress. Contact us today for a free estimate!