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The Surface Of Old Wood floor

When Is It Time to Replace Hardwood Flooring?

If your hardwood floors are starting to look a little rough in your Minnesota home, you might question whether refinishing hardwood floors or replacing hardwood floors is the right solution. In many situations, refinishing hardwood floors is necessary to instantly update your home and improve its aesthetic. 

We put this little guide together to help you determine which is best for your situation but it does not replace customized advice from a flooring company in Minnesota. It is always best to get professional advice if you have any questions.

Signs You Need to Think About Replacing Hardwood Floors

Do you think it’s time to replace your hardwood flooring? In a handful of situations, it may actually be better to replace your hardwood floors. While hardwood flooring has a long lifespan associated with it and many last for decades, there are certain situations where it is the best call. Here are just a few.

Rotted Hardwood

If your hardwood has been exposed to prolonged moisture and is starting to rot, you have no choice but to replace your hardwood flooring in Minnesota. Rotted hardwood is not only visually unappealing but can become a health and safety hazard if you allow the rot to become too serious.

Extreme Damage to the Wood

Any damage to hardwood flooring increases the chances that you will need to look at replacing hardwood floors. When it comes to your flooring, there is a very small margin for error since damaged wood causes such a major safety risk. Outside of the known safety factors, damaged wood can also not be repaired or refinished as it will not be leveled, so extreme damage needs to be properly addressed by replacing hardwood floors in Minnesota.

Unsafe Floor Movement

Finally, if your hardwood floors are starting to buckle, coil, crack, or lay unevenly, it is likely time to talk about replacing your hardwood floors. You cannot undo the damage of moisture that has led to warping or buckling, so at that point, replacing hardwood floors is your only option. It is not uncommon with the changes in temperature and humidity in Minnesota.

Signs You Need to Think About Refinishing

If your hardwood is in generally good health but needs to be refreshed, then refinishing hardwood floors will be your best option. Here are a few situations when refinishing your hardwood will give you a look you are after.

The Flooring is Looking Dull

If your flooring is simply starting to look dull, then refinishing is a simple way to bring new life into your flooring. You can choose from many different colors and stains or simply refresh the color so that your home flooring is much more vibrant.

Scratches on Flooring

As part of refinishing hardwood floors, the hardwood is thoroughly sanded, which removes all scratches and creates a brand-new sheen that is free of scratches. If scratches are your only concern, then refinishing is a great solution.

Thinking About a New Stain or Color

Finally, if you want to update the overall look of your flooring, choosing a new stain or color is often all that is necessary. This allows you to keep your old flooring and still achieve a modern look.

Do You Know Where To Start?

Are you confused about whether or not you should refinish or replace your hardwood floors at your Minnesota home? Contact Dave’s Floor, Sanding, & Installing, and we will talk you through your options. We specialize in hardwood floor sanding, repair, and replacement. We are the best around, read some of our 5-star reviews.