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Are Hardwood Floors Cleaner Than Carpet?

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Hardwood vs. Carpet: Which is easier to maintain in Minnesota?

It is hard to make home decor decisions, especially if you are a new homeowner. Flooring is one of the most significant decisions a homeowner can make. Many decisions should be based on personal preferences, but some practical factors should be considered. For example, whether you have kids or pets, the Minnesota climate and the maintenance cost are significant when choosing your new flooring.

While many flooring types can fit your lifestyle needs, there are still some burning questions. What is easier to maintain? What does flooring cost? What is better for kids and pets? Let’s go over some pros and cons of carpet and hardwood flooring. 

What Are The Pros & Cons of Carpet?


  • Less Expensive
  • Easily vacuumed
  • Soft and absorbs sound
  • Hard to dent

Carpet has been around for a long time and has had its ebbs and flows in popularity. Because it can get cold in Minnesota, it is worth mentioning that it is softer and warmer than hardwood. It also may be less expensive to install initially. It also can come in more varieties than you can imagine. 


  • It only lasts around 10 years
  • No added value to a home
  • Hard to remove stains
  • May trap allergens

A downside to carpet is it requires frequent vacuuming to avoid a build-up of trapped dirt, dust, pet hairs, and other debris that will, over time, make their way into the carpet fibers. It can also harbor dust and other allergens.

 Carpet requires shampooing or steaming several times a year to thoroughly clean out allergens and other debris your vacuum cleaner cannot do alone. Therefore, the purchase or rental of this equipment should go into the consideration of cost. Another negative issue with carpet is that it is more susceptible to show some wear and tear in heavy traffic areas of your home, and the lifespan can be relatively short.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hardwood Flooring?


  • It may last up to 100 years
  • Adds real estate value to a home
  • Easy to clean with sweeping and damp mopping
  • Fewer allergens 

Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpets but require mopping or sweeping every few days. While carpeting requires a deep cleaning a few times a year, you should use a cleaning solution on hardwood every six weeks. Liquid spills are much easier to clean up on the hardwood. 


  • More expensive
  • Can make spaces louder
  • It can be dented or scratched

Hardwood flooring has some cons. The cost is more upfront, it can make spaces a little louder and colder, and maybe less color variety unless you paint them. Also, they can be scratched by kids or pets, and a heavy object could dent your hardwood, where the same activity may have little impact on the carpet.

Call The Hardwood Floor Experts

When it comes down to it, all types of flooring require cleaning and maintenance. A lot of these pros and cons just depend on your home aesthetic. So the choice is your overall preference, and you could have a mix of both. If you are looking for hardwood flooring in Minnesota, Dave’s Floor Sanding and Installation has the experience and team to complete your flooring project!