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A Guide For Caring For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring maintenance is important and your floors can last longer than just about any part of your house with proper care and regular deep cleaning. At Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installing, we often get asked, “what’s the right floor care for my home’s hardwood floors?” Of course, we want your Minnestoa home to look beautiful for years, so we’ve put together some handy tips for hardwood floor maintenance. And, when it’s time for re-sealing or if you need professional cleaning, just give us a call!

Dust Mopping to Remove Dirt

Depending on the traffic your hardwood floors get, you may need to dust mop every day or every few days. For example, if you have children and pets, you may wish to dust mop your floors every day, but if they’re in a little-used room, like a formal dining room, you may not need to dust them very much. Microfiber dusting mops work well, helping you get into even minor cracks and corners. Just be sure that the mop is dry before dusting.

Damp Mopping For Spills and Heavy Dirt

Make sure to clean up spills right away, protecting your floor’s finish and reducing the chance that you’ll have stains that may need extra care to remove. However, make sure when mopping a stain on your floor that the mop is just barely damp and that you’re using a cleaner specifically made for the kind of finish on your flooring. We recommend promptly blotting up stains what a dry cloth or paper towel and avoiding getting the floors wet.

Recoating Your Hardwood Floor

Even with the best care, your hardwood floors still need professional recoating every three to five years. Recoating involves a new coat of floor coating, covering every inch evenly. This task is best done by a professional Minnesota hardwood flooring company, Dave’s Sanding & Installing. Recoating is different from refinishing, which should be done every decade or so. If you want to change the finish of your floors, then you’ll have to have the floors sanded down to the bare wood, then refinished to the shade you desire.

Maintain Proper Humidity in Your Home

The right humidity level will help extend the life of your hardwood floors, reducing damage, wrapping, and buckling. If Minnesota summers get too humid, you may wish to have a dehumidifier in your home to help maintain the correct humidity levels and keep your floors level and in great shape for decades.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Don’ts

We’ve talked about the “do’s” for hardwood floor care. Now, we’ll talk about the don’ts. Do not use a wet mop or steam mop on hardwood floors. The excess moisture, especially from a warm steam mop, can damage the finish and cause the floors to warp. Don’t use regular or bathroom floor cleaners on hardwood, either. We offer cleaners that are made explicitly for the coating on your floors. Harsh chemicals in other types of floor cleaners can strip away the finish or cause discoloration. Do not use vinegar on hardwood floors either, and if you spill vinegar on the floors, clean it up immediately.

Be careful about dragging furniture across the floor. Op to place small felt pads on the bottom of the chair and table feet to protect the floor from gouging or scratches. If you need flooring repair, call a professional – don’t try to fix it yourself.

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