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Interior Frame Of A Basement New House Under Construction With Wood Beams.

Do Hardwood Floors Make Sense in a Basement?

Hardwood flooring isn’t the best choice for moisture-prone areas like a kitchen or basement. Engineered wood or laminate makes a good substitute if you’re determined to achieve a hardwood flooring look in your basement.

Generally, hardwood flooring isn’t the best choice for your finished basement. However, better alternatives, such as engineered hardwood or laminate, can give you the same look without the issues associated with exposure to moisture. Keep reading to learn more about the types of basement flooring recommended by Dave’s Floor Sanding.

Want That Hardwood Flooring Look in Your Basement?

You can install hardwood flooring in your basement, but it’s not recommended. If you choose to do so, it’s crucial to consult with professionals. It will also help to install a subfloor first and consider using engineered wood flooring as a substitute.

Your basement lies below ground and is subject to leaks and moisture. Therefore, you face a more considerable risk of water damage if you choose traditional hardwood flooring. However, they aren’t impossible, but they might not be the best option for your basement.

Can Engineered Hardwood Flooring Work In A Basement?

Engineered wood flooring gives you the same traditional feel as hardwood floors. Additionally, it has a durable plywood sublayer to protect the top layer from moisture incursion. A thin layer of natural hardwood lies on top of the plywood base of engineered flooring. This gives it structural integrity and helps prevent moisture from damaging the visible part of the floor.

If you want the look and feel of hardwood, you can still get it without the cost and risks. engineered hardwood flooring is typically cheaper than hardwood and withstands the moisture of a basement environment much better. Consisting of a layer of bamboo or hardwood over a plywood core, engineered wood looks like solid wood but resists buckling and warping when it becomes moist.

Engineered hardwood is also an environmentally friendly decision to help you have a greener home. Manufacturers use scraps, and you can refinish these floors a few times if you choose one with a thicker layer. It’s important to choose a trusted brand to ensure quality and durability.

Laminate Flooring For Moisture Prone Basement

Some homeowners choose laminate as a substitute for hardwood flooring. Laminate is easy to install, affordable, and easy to maintain. It also has a plastic coating which further protects the floor against water damage. Keep reading to learn more about engineered hardwood and laminate flooring for your finished basement.

Traditional laminate flooring consists of a decorative, waterproof surface over a fiberboard backing. Unfortunately, the fiberboard backing can rot and warp. However, new laminate materials have water-resistant qualities that make them a viable choice for your finished basement. Newer laminate has a solid plastic core between the top decorative sheet and the sublayer. You can also consider other types of flooring for your basement.

Other Basement Flooring Options

Other basement flooring options include carpet, vinyl, and tiles. All of these flooring types have their pros and cons, and none of them gives you the look and feel of real hardwood flooring. For example, carpet is more moisture-prone than almost any other type of material. It’s also more challenging to install in your basement, especially if plumbing runs beneath the concrete slab. On the other hand, tiles have water-resistant qualities that make them a better choice for your basement. However, if you have a home bar or game room, you might have your heart set on the look of hardwood flooring.

Get The Hardwood Flooring In Your Finished Basement

With the proper preparation and installation methods, you can install hardwood flooring in the basement. It’s essential to have the right sub-layer and take precautions to protect your basement against moisture incursion. Call the experts today to determine what hardwood flooring or hardwood flooring alternative will work best for your home!

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