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Dark Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Floors

Hardwood Flooring For Your Kitchen

Kitchen hardwood floors are a beautiful way to add value and enjoyment to your Minnesota home. Whether you go dark or light, oak or pine, there’s a perfect wood and stain for any style of interior design aesthetic. Plus, with proper care, hardwood floors can last decades or longer!

It’s essential to match your kitchen cabinets when installing new hardwood flooring to your kitchen. Your walls can easily be repainted, but many people don’t plan on replacing their cabinets when installing hardwood floors. At Dave’s Floor Sanding, we’re experts in finding the right hardwood floors for your home.

Today, we’re tackling common questions about how to match new hardwood floors to kitchen cabinets.

How Can I Match My Hardwood Flooring to My Kitchen Cabinets?

The key to matching wooden floors and kitchen cabinetry is mixing and not matching the wood, grain, and stain. If you use the same finish and wood type for your flooring that your cabinets are made out of, you end up making the room seem smaller and closed-in, two things you definitely don’t want in a kitchen.

Many people wonder if they should have floors darker than their cabinets or vice versa. It doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a contract. Many people prefer darker flooring and lighter cabinets, making the room seem brighter. However, dark floors show dust and dirt, footprints, and debris more than lighter colored flooring like oak or maple. So if you really don’t enjoy sweeping the kitchen floor every day, a lighter hue may be a better choice.

What Color Pairing Is Best For My Kitchen Style?

The type of kitchen you have essentially determines your color scheme, including your cabinets and floors. Modern, contemporary kitchens lean toward bright white or sharper contrasts, such as black and white or dark grey paired with light grey. However, farmhouse kitchens usually have warmer tones, such as a maple floor or oak cabinets and a more rustic finish.

A Palmetto-style kitchen with a breezy, beach theme may be best suited to less of a contrast, such as a light grey and white combination or ash flooring and white cabinetry. The color, material, and contrast of your cabinets, counters, and floors, including any special touches such as beveled or Dupont-edged counters or specialty hardware on the cabinets, all contribute to the kitchen’s theme.

We can help you with the right color combination for your kitchen theme, including giving you samples so you can get the right color tones for your room.

How Do I Choose a Hardwood Floor Color?

Choosing your kitchen hardwood floors coloring isn’t just about how well it matches your counters. Some shades show wear and tear more than others. If you have pets, small children, or you’re an amateur chef, choose the flooring that’s more durable and won’t show scratches or dirt as much. Light-colored floors hide scratches better, plus dirt and dust don’t show up as much.

A darker floor will work if your kitchen isn’t used often or likely you don’t have kids or pets. While you’ll need to sweep often to reduce the appearance of footprints and dust, even a high-maintenance dark wood floor will still be lovely.

Hardwood floors also change color over time when exposed to natural light. So if you have a lot of windows in your kitchen, especially south-facing ones, opt for lighter floors.

Can I Use Varnish or Stain To Change the Color Of My Hardwood Floors?

Yes! However, refinishing and changing the finish of your floors isn’t a DIY weekend project. To change your floor colors, first, the varnish and floor sealant needs to be removed, then the old color removed. You can even go from dark to light, which many Minnesota homeowners appreciate.

Your floors should be solid wood if you’re planning to make drastic color changes since the floors need to be sanded down to remove all the color. If you have engineered hardwood, just ask the friendly team at Dave’s Floor Sanding for advice.

Do You Need Help Selecting the Perfect Hardwood Floors?

Are you ready for new hardwood flooring installation or to change the color of your existing hardwood floors? There’s only one perfect choice for the best kitchen hardwood floor service – Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installing! Call us today at 763-784-3000 or contact us for more information, visit our showrooms for samples, and speak with one of our design teams. We have years of professional hardwood floor experience, and we use only the best materials and industry techniques.