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Mid Century Modern Decorated Loft Style Apartment With Hardwood Flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Options in Minnesota for Homes with a Mid-Century Modern Design Aesthetic 

It is hard to deny the charm of wooden floors in Minnesota, but if you are attempting to recreate the Mid Century modern look within your home, think about your floors. Most mid-century homes were designed with hardwood flooring in mind. Over the years, many hardwood floors were covered with carpet, linoleum, or something else. However, rescuing the beauty of these hardwood floors can be as simple as refinishing or resurfacing the existing wood. If your home doesn’t have hardwood floors in Minnesota and you are interested in mid-century design, now is the time to think about installing hardwood floors.

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern design has come back into fashion because of its simplicity. Clean lines, organic and streamlined forms, and a lack of embellishment characterize the 1930s through the 1960s mid-century style. Mid-century interior design aesthetics are minimalist by nature. Instead of clutter, furniture is carefully placed, and decor items are placed sparingly. The lack of clutter and obsessive furniture puts hardwood flooring into the limelight. When people walk into your home, the flooring will be a focal point. Therefore, you want to choose the right hardwood flooring for your Minnesota home.

Making Your Hardwood Flooring A Focal Point

Consider warmer-colored hardwood flooring if you are aiming for a classic Mid-century look in the new year. Overall, you want the floor to be a lighter shade with straight grains and a smooth texture. The wood should look natural and fit seamlessly into your Minnesota home. If you have an older home, you might look at the existing wood around your banisters, windows, or moldings. Unless this wood has been painted multiple times over, there is a good chance that the natural wood is still there. If you still have original wood trim and finishings in your home, install hardwood flooring that matches to achieve a mid-century modern natural aesthetic.

Red Oak Is Popular in Mid-Century Design

Red oak is most commonly used in homes with mid-century modern designs. Alternatively, a stain can be used to achieve the look if oak is not an option. This is an excellent idea for homeowners who already have hardwood flooring but want to update or refinish their wood floors. Adding a coating or stain is a great way to clean up the wood for a sleek and clean look while also breathing new life into your Minnesota home. Sometimes even a fresh, clear finish is all it takes to renew your hardwood flooring. It may be time to peel a few layers off your flooring to create a perfect mid-century look.

Get Started On Your Mid-Century Flooring 

Mid-century modern is a timeless look and a fantastic choice for any home in Minnesota. Daves Floor, Sanding, & Installing hardwood experts with generations of experience are here to ensure you have the hardwood flooring that suits your taste. If you are considering installing hardwood flooring or refinishing the hardwood flooring in your Minnesota home, we can handle your hardwood flooring. Contact us today to get started on your next hardwood floor project.