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Is It Easier To Refinish A Floor Or Get A New One?

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Should You Replace Your Floors Or Refinish?

Good flooring can enhance the look of your home and improve your lifestyle. Because it’s a permanent feature, it’s crucial to maintain them properly, so your flooring lasts several years. You must also know if it’s best to refinish a floor or get new ones. Don’t worry; read on to help you decide whether or not you should refinish or replace your old flooring.

Pros of Refinishing a Floor

Refinishing a floor is an effective way to change the floor’s texture, color, and overall look. However, if some floors are already warped, it may be best to replace them instead and refinish the rest of your flooring.

Another advantage of refinishing a floor is that it’s more cost-effective than getting new ones. However, we recommend that you work with experienced professionals to ensure the best result.

Cons of Refinishing a Floor

Although less expensive, refinishing a floor is a time-consuming process. It can also be messy, especially when the installer isn’t careful. If you do not use a trained professional, there can be issues with the chemicals used in refinishing. We highly suggest that you consult with a professional first as it’s not always the solution.

If your budget is limited and you want the job done quickly, refinishing the floor can be the solution. Contact us so we can inspect your wood floor and help you make a decision.

Pros of New Hardwood Floor Installation

One of the advantages of hardwood flooring is that it looks elegant and timeless. It also works well with any design, whether rustic, classic, or contemporary. If you want hardwood flooring, you can choose from various wood types, including oak, fir, maple, birch, cherry, or beech. Softer wood species include bamboo or pine. However, please make sure that you properly maintain and protect your flooring so they last a lifetime.

Hardwood flooring is highly durable, with proper maintenance, of course. Experts recommend refinishing them every 10 years to keep them looking new and elegant. Hardwood flooring can last hundreds of years and even longer with good maintenance.

If you have family members suffering from allergies and other respiratory issues, getting new hardwood flooring may be best because wood doesn’t collect dust and other allergens. It’s also incredibly versatile, for it can complement any decorating motif. Most importantly, it can increase the resale value of your home. Consider installing new hardwood flooring if you’re thinking about selling your home in the future.

Cons of New Hardwood Floors

While nothing can beat the classic elegance of hardwood flooring, some homeowners may not be able to afford it as installation can be costly. Also, you’re bound to see scratches over time, especially when you have pets. However, you can always correct scratches by refinishing your hardwood floors.

Another disadvantage is it’s susceptible to moisture damage. If you’re not careful, water can cause hardwood flooring to swell. Wipe up any moisture quickly before it does any damage.

Over time, hardwood flooring can also creak, but you can remedy this by filling gaps in the floors.

All things considered, the benefits of installing hardwood floors outweigh the cons, and if you maintain your hardwood floors, they can last a lifetime!

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