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winter salt and snow on wood floor

Salt and Snow On Hardwood Floors

Salt and snow in the winter are just part of life in the midwest. Whether you have wood floors in your home, business, or both we can give you some tips on how to protect them this winter.
We are not strangers to winter’s toll on our bodies, cars, and homes in Minnesota. The dry air, the cold temperatures. Not to mention the extra work of shoveling and laying out salt to prevent slipping on ice. It may be great for safety, but it can damage your hardwood flooring.

Why Is Snow and Salt Bad For Hardwood Floors?

 First of all, rock salt is jagged and sharp in texture. This can cause scratches to your floor. It’s hard to prevent because it’s carried inside on winter boots. Shoes also carry in other debris that can cause damage to your floor. 
Secondly, icemelt salt is made up of calcium chloride and can have a chemical reaction on your wood floors causing stains. It can also damage your rugs too. So you may think of salt as a physical scratch and a chemical burn, which is not suitable for any surface and bound to cause damage over time.


Save Your Floors From Salt Damage

 Prevent rock salt damage on your hardwood floor by taking the leading causes off your feet. Winter boots can drag in snow, water, salt, and other debris that can damage your hardwood floors. If you take off your shoes, it will reduce damage.
If you are a business owner, you can’t ask customers to take off their shoes. However, you can take other preventative measures. Putting out heavy-duty, commercial rugs. You can also regularly vacuum high-traffic areas and mop consistently.


Advice For Cleaning Salt Off Wood Floors

 Even if you are the most strict cleaner, it will be hard to keep salt from entering a home. A business will have an even more difficult time. You may notice that the salt has stained some of the surfaces of your wood floor.
An old remedy for salt stains was using vinegar, which can actually do more damage. Do not use vinegar on your floor. Because water is also terrible for wood floors, so don’t overdo that either.
The right cleaning product for salt stains should preserve the hardwood floors’ finish. Products available depend on how bad the damage is to the floor. If you use the products made for salt removal with a mop, you should be able to remove stains.

Contact An Expert For Wood Floors

Some damage will not disappear with a cleaning product alone. You may have to call a professional for their opinion or may need sanding or refinishing. We are available to help you with all of your hard flooring needs, contact us today!