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Tips for Hardwood Floors and Pets | Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation

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4 Tips for Hardwood Floors and Pets 

Wood flooring is far easier to keep clean than carpeting when you have pets. But there are some things to keep in mind when you have hardwood floors and pets.

Hardwood floors are an excellent flooring option for people who own pets. They minimize allergens because, unlike carpeting, wood floors don’t have fibers that trap and retain allergens such as dander and microorganisms. Wood flooring is also far easier to keep clean than carpeting. But there are some things to keep in mind when you have hardwood floors and pets.

Choosing the Right Wood For Pets

If you already have a hardwood floor, it’s too late to change the kind of wood installed in your home. But if you are planning on having a new floor installed, consider what type of wood to use based not only on the aesthetics of your home but on your pet, as well.

The best wood for your pet, especially if you have a dog, is a more complicated wood. A dog’s nails can quickly leave dents in softer woods. Also, choose light to medium colored hardwood since hair, scratches, and dander show more easily on darker colored flooring. If that light to medium wood has a more pronounced grain, it is better for hiding scratches. Consider oak, ash, or hickory.

And when your floors are being finished, choose a satin or matte finish rather than a glossy one. Shiny floors only highlight scratches and hair. You want to hide them.

Use Rugs in High-Traffic Areas 

Rugs protect the areas of your floors that get the most traffic from people and pets. They also add beauty and personality to your home. Avoid rugs with rubber backs, as those can damage your floors over time.

Always keep a rug under your pets’ food and water dishes to soak up any drips and spills. If the rug gets damp, replace it immediately so the floor isn’t damaged by prolonged contact with the water.

You don’t just need to be concerned about fido. Kitty also needs care when you have hardwood floors. Place a mat under the litter box or move it to a location that doesn’t have wood flooring.

Pet Accidents On Wood Floors

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Don’t let the fear of your dog or cat urinating on your wood floor keep you up at night. Do keep a bottle of enzyme cleaner made for hardwood floors on hand. This will eliminate the smell to prevent a recurrence. Clean up accidents as soon as they occur and use the enzyme cleaner. To clean your hardwood floors afterward, we recommend Dave’s Citrus Floor Cleaner.

Keep You Dogs’ Nails Trimmed

This will not only minimize damage to your wood floors but is also beneficial for your dog. Imagine what your feet would feel like if you never trimmed your toenails!

Pets will increase the wear and tear on your floors, no matter what kind of flooring you have. But they are worth it. The love they offer in return is something you can’t put a price tag on. And when it comes time to refinish your floors, contact for a free estimate. Of course, we would love to meet your furry friends too!