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Can you have Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen?

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Can you have Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen? Hardwood floors are more popular than ever. So, many people with open floor plans ask if they can have the same beautiful hardwood flooring that’s in their living room, throughout their kitchen and dining areas, as well.

After all, hardwood floors are attractive, durable, go with any décor, and can last the lifetime of your home if they are well maintained. But, like anything fabulous, there are some drawbacks to hardwood floors.

Their kryptonite is water.

This is why you never see hardwood floors in bathrooms. Kitchens are another matter, though. Even though there is an increased risk of spilling, the conditions aren’t the same as in bathrooms, where the moisture level stays high for long periods.

Will hardwood floors work in your kitchen?

Only you determine that. Ask yourself:

  •       When spills occur, do you immediately wipe them up?
  •       Does moisture remain on your kitchen floors for long periods?


If you clean up spills when they happen, and the floors remain dry except for when you damp mop them, you should be able to have hardwood flooring in your kitchen.  There are a few things to take into consideration, though.

Your planks should be solid

Getting solid wood planks means that you can have your floors refinished every ten years. This is important to maintain them and ensure they last for decades to come. Avoid planks with beveled edges because crumbs, sand, and moisture will fall into the grooves and cause trouble.

The flooring should be well sealed.

Once the planks are installed, they should be sealed by a professional. Planks that are pre-finished in the factory won’t keep moisture out of the gaps. No sealant is waterproof, but when a sealant is applied correctly, it is water-resistant and offers protection to your flooring while you wipe up any spills.

Use caution when moving appliances

Put something under the appliance so it doesn’t mar the flooring as you move it across the new hardwood. Also, regularly check under your sink and your refrigerator for any leaks.

Have your floors professionally installed and sealed.

Dave’s Floor sanding has been installing hardwood floors in the Twin Cities for over 40 years. We’re experts at installing, refinishing, and restoring hardwood floors in any room of your home.

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