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Relative Humidity Can Affect Wood Floors. Wood floor manufacturers recommend keeping the relative humidity level in your home between 35% and 55%. At the same time, Window manufacturers recommend keeping the relative humidity level (RH) under 30%, especially in the winter month in northern climates like Minnesota.

The ideal relative humidity based on the temperature outdoors

-20*   10%

-10*   20%

0*       25%

+10*  30%

+20*  35%

+30*  40%

+40*  45%

If the relative humidity is too high, homeowners end up with condensation on their windows, damaging the windows, walls, and even floors. What should you as a homeowner do?

Direct Your Heat

If you change the air’s direction coming from your vents, the warm air will blow on your windowpanes and warm the glass. Unfortunately, this will also cause the air from your vents to cool after hitting the window. When it bounces off the window, the air is no longer warm.

Window Coverings

If you adjust your blinds’ blades, you can help catch the warm air from your vents, allowing it to hit the windows, warming them up, and minimizing condensation. Screens should be removed during the winter because they prevent warm air from hitting the screen and block some of the sun’s rays from warming the glass as much as they would if the screens weren’t there.


Your Thermostat

With new innovations in thermostats, people raise and lower the temperature regularly. We often program the thermostat to lower the household temperature by several degrees at night. The best practice to reduce window condensation is to keep your furnace fan continuously on. Avoid dropping the heat by more than three degrees.

Winterized Windows

Newer windows can come with argon gas in them, helping to reduce condensation while still maintaining the correct humidity for your wood floors. Even with older windows, you can nearly eliminate condensation by using indoor window plastic. Not only will you stop condensation, but you will also save money on your heating bill.

Do you have damage due to condensation dripping on your wood flooring? Contact Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation to have it repaired.