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Like many homeowners, you may have pulled up old carpeting intending to replace it with new carpeting, only to discover that you have hardwood floors underneath. This might leave you wondering if you should cancel your carpet order and take advantage of the benefits that hardwood floors have to offer. Then, you see the paint along the edges and the holes that remain after pulling out the carpet staples. The floorboards may be chipped, warped, and squeaky. Is it worth trying to salvage these floors?

The Bad News about Refinishing your Old Hardwood Floors

The bad news is that unless you are a contractor, you probably won’t be able to do the job yourself. It will require specialized tools and precision, along with experience and knowledge of how to refinish wood floors and replace unsalvageable parts. It will also take the average homeowner much longer than professional installers and refinishers.

The good news is that most of the time, a qualified hardwood floor specialist can make that old hardwood floor beautiful, adding years of life to it, at a fraction of what carpets cost to purchase and install.

Expectations are Important

It’s important to note that your expectations will be a significant factor in whether or not you are happy with how your floor looks after it is refinished. New hardwood floors are perfect. They have an air of luxury about them. But don’t discount the warmth and character that refinished old hardwood floors will give your home.

There are a few conditions that could mean the floor isn’t worth saving:

  •         Structural issues can only be fixed by removing the flooring. At this point, you may as well replace the flooring with new wood floors.
  •         Boards that have a lot of movement, not just some minor squeaks. This movement will make sanding and finishing next to impossible.
  •         Boards that have been sanded too many times. This will expose nails and render the tongue and groove useless. It will only get worse with another sand and finish.
  •         Occasionally if the floor is ancient, it may resist new finishes. This is something to consult with a flooring expert about.

Call an Expert

One way to know if it is worth refinishing your hardwood floors is to call out a hardwood floor expert. We would be happy to look at your floors and give you an estimate so that you can make an informed decision. Contact us today!