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If you are planning to improve your space with hardwood floors, the question of should you get dark or light flooring will most likely arise. For some, the decision is easy, for others, there are many factors that come into play. Some of these factors may be:

  • What is more in style right now?
  • Which is easier to clean?
  • Which shows more scratches and dents?
  • Which best accommodates having pets?
  • Which costs more?

At Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc., we have worked with numerous homeowners over our four decades of business. We have years of experience on our side and even though this decision truly comes down to your preferences, we are highly knowledgeable in hardwood flooring and can hopefully help make your decision easier!

What is More in Style Right Now?

In 2018, we noticed people were choosing between two extremes — ultra-dark hardwood flooring and ultra-light hardwood flooring. We also noticed gray was also a popular choice, as it gives your space a light and refreshed feeling. For 2019, we expect those extremes to hold strong. However, we expect the light hardwood flooring to get even lighter, as open and light spaces have become very popular for interior decorating these last years.

Disregarding the trends, the color of your hardwood flooring is fully up to your design preferences and what you feel suits you and your family style the best.

Which is Easier to Keep Clean?

For this, light hardwood floors have the advantage because they tend to show less dirt than dark hardwood floors. Yet, the finish you select for your hardwood floors do come into play with this factor. The more matte the finish, the cleaner your flooring will appear.

However, always removing shoes, or having a “mud room” where you, your family, and pets clean up before entering the house, will really help with cleanliness. At Dave’s, we offer our trusted cleaning solution, as well as have great maintenance tips that would be beneficial for you to check out if you have hardwood floors or are planning to get them installed!

Which Shows More Scratches and Dents?

Regardless of the color of your hardwood flooring, it will get dented and scratched over time. However, dark hardwood flooring tends to show scratches more, mainly because most wood floor species are lighter and if you scratch through the dark colored stain, it shows more of a contrast with the wood underneath.

To avoid denting and scratching to your hardwood floors, we recommend a buff & coat every year, in high traffic areas, and every 3-5 years for the other areas.

Which Best Accommodates Having Pets?

This depends on two things, the health of your hardwood floors and the color of your pet’s hair. Since, light hardwood floors show scratches less, they are generally better if you have dogs. If you decide to stain your floors dark, you may want to consider adding an extra coat of polyurethane so that they last longer.

On the other hand, if you have animals who shed and they have darker hair, a darker hardwood floor would be better as it will conceal the hair better.

Which Costs More?

This answer for this depends less on the color of the hardwood flooring, and more on if you are doing pre-finished or refinishing existing floors. If you are installing pre-finished floors, the cost is usually the same for all colors across the board. However, prices can vary based on the species of wood you chose.

If you are refinishing existing hardwood floors, going for the more natural look of the original wood will be less expensive than a stain. Therefore, for this light hardwood flooring costs less. If you are in the market for a refinish, we have a large, highly knowledgeable team that is up for the job!

Take Your Time!

Hardwood flooring is one of the best home improvement moves you can make. With the right maintenance and upkeep, they last much longer than carpet and always increase the value of your home if you ever decide to move. Like stated earlier, deciding on light or dark hardwood flooring really just comes down to your personal preference, but we hope this has made your decision much easier!

If you are in the market for hardwood flooring, contact Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installing for a free, in-home estimate today! 763-784-3000.