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Citrus Floor Cleaner Concentrate
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Citrus Floor Cleaner Concentrate
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Citrus Floor Cleaner Concentrate
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Citrus Cleaner Made in the USA!

Dave's Hardwood Cleaner is specially formulated for all types of flooring. This unique formulation can tackle the toughest stains, but still gentle enough for the most delicate floor finishes. SIMPLY SPRAY-ON - WIPE OFF.

Dave's Hardwood Cleaner will remove grease, oil, cola, mustard, heel marks, juices etc...Sweep or vacuum to remove any loose dirt. Spray-on Dave's Floor Cleaner, wipe off with dry rag. On stubborn spots, rubber heelmarks or sticky spills, spray Dave's on the area - let stand a few moments - wipe clean with a damp rag. NOTE some hard wiping may be required on tougher stains.

Citrus Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Makes 4-6 (32) Ounce Bottles