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Hardwood Stairs in a home entry way with green walls looking into the kitchen
Are you thinking about changing the flooring in part of your home? If the flooring happens to meet with a stairway, you are probably wondering what to do about it.  Do you leave it as is? Doubtful. Why not give your stairs a facelift, too? Stairs, hardwood, or carpeted can be tricky when deciding on...
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Boy Sitting On Wooden Floor In The Sun
There are few things as beautiful as sunlight streaming through a window onto hardwood floors. Unfortunately, over time, this same sunlight can also damage your lovely hardwood. Wood is a photosensitive material. Depending on which wood your floors are made of, sunlight can cause them to darken or fade. You may not notice the effects...
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Woman Wearing Boots On Wood Floor
The holidays are over, but they may have left their mark on your hardwood flooring. Today we will look at the salt, sand, and water that we track into our homes during the winter months, and how you can keep your floors looking their best. The culprits: salt, sand, and water It’s important to keep...
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Basketball On A Maple Hardwood Court Floor
One of the most important things to consider when choosing which type of wood flooring is best for your home is the durability of the wood. This is especially true when you have pets and children. While the hardness of the wood isn’t the only factor in your floor’s durability, it is definitely part of...
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Living Room With Wood Flooring
“Your new wood floors are beautiful!” your neighbor gushed. “How are you going to keep them that way?” “What do you mean?” “You entertain more than anyone I know. And the holidays are just around the corner.” The expression on your face must have betrayed the panic you felt at that moment because she quickly...
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