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Radiant Heat

St-Georges, April 1, 2010

RE: Important information about Brazillian Cherry

Dear Customers,

To help you give your consumers the best information about the products they buy, we as wood specialists want you to know the natural properties of wood that could affect the appearance of wood floors.

Recently we recieved several inquiries about Brazillian Cherry/Koubari. People are wondering why this species cannot be installed over a subfloor equipped with a radiant heat system. The answer is very simple.

It is well known in the flooring industry that Brazillian Cherry/Koubari is an extremely hard species. This makes it more dent and scratch resistant. However, our laboratory tests have shawn that it is also more brittle under certain extreme conditions. Due to its inherent natural properties, this species will generally present a higher risk of cracking/splitting when subjected to low moisture conditions. Radiant heat exposes the entire floor to constant heat. This can lower the wood's moisture content, increasing the risk of cracking/splitting. The same is true when relative humidity is very low (less than 30%).

Our tests also showed that dark stains will most likely accentuate micro fractures, cracks, etc. For all these reasons, all sales staff must educate potential customers about these natural characteristics and the importance of maintaining indoor humidity above 30% and below 60% to ensure optimal floor performance.

Because of these inherent natural properties, please note that the Mirage warranty does not cover cracks/splits if this product is installed over a radiant subfloor system or is subject to low (less than 30%) or high (more then 60%) humidity levels.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact the Mirage Technical Service Department at 1-800-463-1303.


Dino Tremblay
Technical Service Department

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