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Hardwood Floor Repair: Discoloration

Seeing that your lovely hardwood flooring is beginning to discolor can be a cause for alarm. You may have noticed certain areas are darker than others or maybe the flooring itself has changed color completely. How did this happen, and what should you do may be the first questions to come to your mind.

This discoloration can be due to the finish that was placed on the wood. Some finishes, for example, start out being amber but the aging process can cause the yellow hues to come out. This is expected in oil-modified finishes and is not a problem with the finish itself. Now, just as an apple left out in the air goes brown or a penny turning green over the years, wood also changes color, either lightening or darkening, through this oxidation process. This is actually a change that cannot be prevented as it is a natural occurrence, and it is not due to what finish was used or how it was applied. There are actually certain types of wood, like cherry, that will change color greatly as it ages. Some other ways discoloration can occur is if drapes or curtains are not kept closed during the day and direct sunlight remains on the wood, causing the color to fade over time. Even rugs can cause discoloration to the flooring as they can release oil into the wood. Another source can be if a good sealer was not used in the first place.

If you are having a problem with discoloration, or if you are trying to decide which type of wood to purchase that will have a less dramatic change over time, talking with a professional is a good source of information. Our experts at Dave's Floor Sanding have a knowledge of the wood itself and can not only help you if you are trying to decide on a new floor that best suits you and your family's needs, but if you are having this discoloration issue, we can determine its source, offer advice in its management and discuss repairs or replacement of any boards if necessary. We are here to help with any and all of your hardwood flooring needs as excellent customer service for over 35 years has been and still is our #1 priority.

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