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Hardwood Floor Repair: Cupping

When humidity levels are not maintained properly during the summer and winter months, they can create problems for your hardwood flooring. Cupping, crowning and buckling are common problems associated with standing water on your flooring and high humidity levels in your air.

Cupping occurs when there is an imbalance of moisture throughout the wood with the wood being wetter on the bottom than it is on the top. You will recognize cupping as the edges of the boards are higher and the center is lower. It may occur after water, that has been spilled is absorbed by the wood, but the cause is most often due to high humidity. Slight cupping can also occur naturally depending on the hardwood flooring that you have. This is just something that you need to accept as it is only a seasonal occurrence.

However, not all hardwood flooring cups or crowns naturally with the seasons. Should your hardwood flooring suddenly start cupping or crowning abnormally one of the first things that needs to be done prior to repair is to identify and completely eliminate the source of the moisture. This can be a difficult task without the proper equipment as it can come from inside, outside or even under your home. It can have its source from any room on any level of your home. It could also be a siding or house wrap issue. Repairs can be as simple as replacing a few boards or as extensive as a complete floor replacement.

Whatever the source and whatever the repair, our expert floor contractors at Dave's Floor Sanding are here to help. We have the equipment and the field experience necessary to come into your home, make an inspection, determine the source of your problem and discuss a line of action to alleviate that problem. We will go over all necessary repairs and expedite those repairs so you can get your life back to normal. There's no reason you have to continue another day with your hardwood flooring problems.

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