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Hardwood Floor Repair: Crowning

If you have ever heard the term "crowning" regarding hardwood flooring, you may know it is a common problem associated with your flooring having standing water on it or the humidity levels in your home not being properly maintained. Crowning, where the center of the floor board is higher than the edges, is the opposite of cupping, where the center of the board is lower than the edges. While slight crowning naturally occurs with some types of hardwood flooring, this is usually only seasonal and should be accepted as a part of the flooring you have. However, if you do not have this natural crowning occurring, you may not be aware of how many different causes of this problem there are inside, outside and under your home.

If humidity levels in winter and summer are not monitored, the moisture that is in the air can be soaked up by the boards. Without you even noticing it the moisture may remain underneath the boards thus, over time, causing this crowning effect. Leaky pipes, faucets or sprinklers, as well as faulty appliances that are leaking or have inappropriate venting or even a minute leak coming from the roof are all sources of water and moisture as they drip down the line of support beams right for the subfloor. Large spills that have been left and not attended to completely are a problem waiting to happen. If gutters are not maintained in good condition or water diverted properly from the foundation, the run off can allow moisture to leak in underneath your home where there's a potential for it to get to your subfloor.

While the repair of your hardwood flooring is important, even more important is finding the source of the problem and taking care of that. With so many factors to consider as to why your flooring is buckling, why not leave it to the professionals? Our professional roofing contractors at Dave's Floor Sanding have the equipment to make a thorough assessment of the source of your flooring problems. Once we have the problem diagnosed and taken care of, we can then move on to the repair of the damaged hardwood. We have refinished, repaired and installed hardwood floors in thousands of home and commercial facilities for over 35 years. We will explain every step along the way so you are confident and comfortable in all the decisions you are making. Allow us to help you take care of any and all of your hardwood flooring needs.

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