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Estimating is a complex task which our seasoned wood flooring professionals have perfected. Each of our wood flooring estimators have decades of field experience in wood floor sanding, wood floor installation and wood floor repair. Dave's Floor Sanding has installed, sanded or repaired literally thousands of commercial and residential flooring projects over the last 32 years.

When our flooring estimators arrive at your home we assess the existing floor for damage that will need repair (some water stains & pet stains may or may not sand out). Also some repair work might not be visible during the estimate due to your wood floor being hidden by carpet or large furniture (we may have to adjust for hidden damage when we start your wood floor project). We also determine the type of process needed to bring your wood flooring to "life" sometimes all that's needed is a "Buff & Coat", however, most of the time the wood floors need to be repaired, sanded and refinished because too much time has elapsed since your last sanding project.

The next step in the estimating process is a complete and thorough measurement of the wood floors that will be refurbished. The square footage we arrive at will help us to determine the estimated price of your wood flooring project.

A new hardwood flooring estimate is similar to an existing wood floor project except our wood flooring professionals will help you with product and finish selection. Many times we invite our customers to visit our showroom in Blaine, MN to see and evaluate the many options that we offer in hardwood flooring and finishes. We also discuss with the customer the type of floor that will best serve you. Engineered flooring, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring are three of the basic wood floor installations that we offer. Each type of wood flooring is designed to fit a need and we will help you determine the most appropriate type of wood flooring and finish for your situation.

Dave's floor Sanding also offers "Green" solutions such as Bamboo flooring, Cork flooring and numerous "sustainable" flooring options. All of our flooring suppliers are certified to supply "sustainable" hardwoods that are environmentally managed to protect forests and woodlands around the world.

Prep work includes carpet removal, subfloor removal/subfloor install, ceramic tile removal, trim removal and/or replacement, hardwood vents etc... All of these items will be itemized by price for the homeowner to evaluate in case they want to do some or all of the work themselves.

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