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From a cabin in the woods to corporate meeting rooms, Dave's has a hardwood thats just right for you.

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If you've lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro of Minnesota, you've probably seen one of our hardwood flooring trucks traveling down the road, en route to one of our many customers.

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About Us

In the early 70's Dave was a foreman working construction sites around the Twin Cities. At the same time Dave owned, renovated and sold rental properties as a second vocation. Dave's realtor suggested that refinishing the floors in his buildings would increase the sale price and move the buildings faster. Dave "Grabbed the Bull by the Horns" rented some equipment and sanded some floors. A remarkable coincidence or was it fate?

Dave found that he enjoyed refinishing hardwood floors and that he did a pretty good job. Well a couple more floors and Dave was hooked, floor sanding was his "cup of tea". It appears that some of Dave's friends and neighbors agreed that Dave had a knack for floor sanding and they wanted their hardwood floors refinished also. One floor sanding project led to another until finally Dave decided to establish his own company - Dave's Floor Sanding was born.

Today the company has 40+ employees, 32 red vans, 7 recoat vehicles, and 6 miscellaneous vehicles (including two snowplows and 2 bobcats). The 10,000 square foot support building has a state of the art showroom, two mechanics bays with vehicle hoists and fully computerized offices.

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